Find Your Nimbus

I believe in justice, although I believe it left this world long ago.


It all happened in the quickest instant, far too quick to be captured by memory in the traditional sense. Everything had become dark and cold after all light had slipped from vision, and all feeling from physical perception. Yet, as the light slipped away, light also began to pour in and feeling became a misnomer for their was no longer a physical form. There was darkness here as well, but of a different sort. It was the darkness of creation. The birth of planets and stars could be experienced along with the expansion of their creator; the observer never realized what had become of itself. Memory of all that was before had been lost in the grandeur of all that had come after and the life that filled the new planets fed their memories to the creator. This is the tale of the creating observer whom observed creation.


Humble yourself, or life will teach you a long lesson in humility.



Often I’m told, “There should be more people like that”, when I explain to people my views on generosity and humility. All I ever think about is how more people would become like that if only you had the will to become that way yourself, but since you do not have the will the world will remain unchanged.



One of the first parts of the Environmental Chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership: “1.The Parties recognize that emissions of certain substances can significantly deplete and otherwise modify the ozone layer in a manner that is likely to result in adverse effects on human health and the environment. To that end, each Party affirms its commitment to take measures to control the production and consumption of, and trade in, such substances by implementing its obligations under the Montreal Protocol of Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer, including its amendments.”


The Leviathan

"It is for the sake of peace and harmony that we will seek such power. That we may use that power to become those almighty rulers our people believe us to be. It is for their sake we must make our journeys, and it is for their sake that we alone must hold these powers. For if they were to ever spread, it would bring doom to Norica and death to all." Those were the only words to echo through Hyuregahn’s head as he emerged from the depths of the ocean, covered in ice.

-Grand Master Megha Doshi

For World Peace

If all it took to achieve world peace was for you, and only you, to give up any and all hopes of happiness, would you do it?

Human Nature

Humans are assumptive by nature, even the saying to never assume is a phrase based on the assumption that you will make an assumption and immediately act on it. The point is not to never make assumptions, the point is to make assumptions and not act on those assumptions until they are proven to be true.



When the beginning and ending of something cannot be proven or disproven, it must be assumed that it has always been there and will always be there or it was never there to begin with and never will be there.



I just hate talking because I would rather think. And what if we could think to each other?



If I were to die by the jaws of some beast or of old age, then I would know that it was truly my time. But, if I should die by human hands, then I will know that humanity is all that I expected it to be.


A Promise

There is the name you are given, and the name that you choose. “The name you choose is like a promise you make”


True Understanding

To truly understand someone, you must be able to love them as they love themselves. In the moment that you do you can either build them up, and make them so much stronger than they are, or you can completely destroy them, grinding them to dust. Can you see why there is so much hatred in the world?